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Where Are Haiti’s Children?

(c) 2010 By Deborah Beasley, ACPI CCPF

Where are Haiti’s children?  Are they lost in the trauma and devastation of their country?  Who is searching for them?

I sit at my desk and stare at the monitor.  I watch the earth jumping.  The whole earth is jumping with a great unseen force.  It heaves up and down violently.  I wait for it to stop, but the motion goes on and on.

I am transfixed.  I have never before witnessed such a violent earth.  Walls crumble like crackers and spray concrete pieces  out like large crumbs onto passersby.  My stomach feels like jelly.  Rooftops and rooms cave in.  I am concerned for those inside.  Huge dust clouds rise into the air.  A few people run into the street, too few.  I feel my own mortality and I am not even there.

I watch and search for the children.  Where are Haiti’s children?  Is someone there to help them escape this horror?  My eyes start to burn.  The devastation and human suffering is overwhelming.

A young child stands and stares.  He barely moves.  A woman walks by hitting herself in the head.  A man kneels in the street beside the rubble of a building and waves his arms in the air.  He cries out in deep grief.  The child stands silent.

I sit at my desk and stare at the monitor.  I am home.  I am safe.  I am not hungry.  I know where my loved ones are.  At any moment I may call for them and they will be there.  When I sleep tonight I know they are with me.  In the morning I will feel their arms around me.

I think of the young boy.  Where is he?  Who is helping him through this living nightmare?  Are you one of those helping?

Tell me what you are doing for Haiti’s children?  Tell me how I can help you understand that all they have seen and heard is now within them.  Tell me how you want to heal Haiti’s children lost in trauma?