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Written by Toni Hoy, Illinois adoptive parent

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ASFA-3 Goals/5 Principals: Defeated through unmet clinical need

1. Safety The child is a danger to himself and others
2. Permanency Disrupted or dissolved
3. Well Being Increased emotional trauma

1. Safety is the paramount concern that must guide all child welfare services.
Adoption creates unsafe living conditions for adoptive family without safety net.
2. Foster care is temporary.
Adoption is temporary.
3. Permanency efforts should begin as soon as the child enters care.
Adoption preservation efforts should begin as soon as the severity of the child’s mental
health needs become known. Parents have access and funding.
4. The child welfare system should focus on results and accountability.
Results show that permanency through adoption is at risk. No state departments are
currently accountable. There is no synergy between state departments.

5. Innovative approaches are needed to achieve safety, permanency, and well-being.
Safety, permanency, and well-being are addressed prior to adoption, but not after.

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Federal Incentive Payments
FACT: Illinois receives $4000 for every finalized adoption and $6000 for every special needs adoption.
FACT: Illinois received $236,000 additional federal funding in 2009 for finalized adoptions.
While the generation of ASFA children grow up, the same government that put families together is forcing them apart.
FACT: Illinois receives NOTHING for Adoption Preservation for families subject to disruption or dissolution because of pre-adoptive neglect, abuse, and trauma.

FACT: Families tried to resolve this issue in years passed with the Keeping Families Together Act, which failed to pass Congress is two consecutive sessions

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The state of Illinois needs federal funding
for intensive in-home, community based, and residential treatment
for children who are at risk
of re-entering the system
for a subsequent time
due to adoptive parent’s inability
to access appropriate clinical services.

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ASFS – Adoptions Increase (1996 to 2000 Increased 78%) – Child Unstable (Pre-Adoptive trauma and substance abuse effect) with 70% behavioral disorders and 1/3 severe emotional disorders – No Access intensive community based or residential treatment (denied funding from ICG, ISBE, DCFS, and Medicaid) – Child relinquished for the sake of treatment (Abandoned for the second time).

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