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Parents often muse over why their child doesn’t come with ‘an instruction manual’. Parents need not be burdened with trying to figure it out alone. Now Certified Parenting Coach and Parent Educator Deborah Beasley ACPI CCPF, can help you find the answers to fit your family’s needs.

“It has never been easy raising kids and that fact is more relevant today than ever before,” says Deborah Beasley of Pitman. “The types of social and life pressures faced by modern children and their parents have not been seen in societies before and it catches parents off guard,” says Deborah.

Parents seek the services of a parenting coach for many reasons. “It’s not a question of being a bad parent,” says the owner of Together At Last Family Support. “It is about becoming a better parent.” “It is about expanding and updating our knowledge base in a rapidly changing world. The best parenting style includes meeting a child’s whole needs: emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. That is not always easy to do.”

Coaching is about supporting, educating, resourcing, and mentoring parents in challenging and often sensitive situations. It is also about ordinary problems parents deal with every day. Kids need caregivers who can agree on a healthy parenting approach through structure, guidance, modeling, and positive communication. It complements the family’s goals and values. Coaching is about creating an atmosphere where parents can develop a broader prospective on obstacles they face and discover new possibilities for growth.

The coaching profession first emerged in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the establishment of Executive coaching. With the resulting increase in business productivity the idea quickly caught on. The industry has continued with a healthy expansion throughout the United States and around the world.

In the last 30 years coaches, like medical professionals, have recognized the value in specializing in certain areas of expertise. With additional training and certification in their specialty niches a coach can focus their education to meet the particular need of their target client. Specialty niche coaching can include:
Business or Executive
Life or Personal
Marriage or Relationship
Holistic or Health
Retirement or Life Transition
Home Organization or Time Management
Spiritual or Religious
Attention Deficit Disorder
Grief or Bereavement

Coaches are trained in multi disciplinary approaches for the highest benefit of their clients and multiple categories are addressed by each coach. Prior to certification coaches at The Academy for Coaching Parents International, where Deborah received her training, receive over 85 hours and 12 months of instruction in all areas of child development.
Early childhood and adolescence
Child guidance
Supportive structure in the home
Problem solving

Depending upon areas of expertise coaches attend demanding courses on:
Understanding trauma
Brain development in children
Coaching parents of children with a variety of special needs
Single and co-parenting

Coaching Certification Programs vary in length and intensity, and are equated with a general (3-6 month), masters (12+ month), or graduate level (18+ month) education.

Deborah’s specialty and primary dedication is helping families who struggle to raise a child with emotional or behavioral concerns. Deborah knows firsthand the challenges parents face daily caring for a child with multiple difficulties and the far reaching impact it has on family and social life. Deborah combines life experience; an education targeted to her specialty niche, and practiced expertise in the coach parent relationship. Also a Reiki Practitioner, she teaches effective stress management to her clients. Deborah acts as a guide, collaborator, mentor, relationship facilitator, and educator to parents wanting to explore sensitive issues and develop sustainable plans toward family success.

Deborah offers a growing variety of confidential, affordable, and private in home or phone coaching sessions and educational services supporting the diversity of caregivers she serves throughout Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Deborah’s clients are a mix of adoptive, foster, special needs, and biological families. She has worked with families throughout the Delaware Valley since 2009. Clients contact her directly, and she receives referrals from case workers and therapists. Deborah is pleased to be currently presenting two trauma focused trainings for families and clinicians at the Child Guidance Resource Centers in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and she is proud to have recently joined the many independent service providers associated with Robin’s Nest, Inc.

Contact Deborah at: 609-970-1100
Email: DeborahBeasley20@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.TogetherAtLastFamily.com