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 Nearly two years ago I set out to write a book on foster care adoption. I didn’t know if I could do it.  I wasn’t certain what it would take to accomplish the task. But there was something strong inside that pushed me forward.  There is a message to be told that is too easliy missed in the training of those loving hearts seeking to adopt from foster care.  I took my personal experience, which had been so difficult for our journey to enlarge our family, and turned into a positive message about the need for realistic preparation and education for pre and post adoptive parents. My strong desire, and what motivated me to write this book, is for the ultimate success of every family adopting from foster care.

So now it’s time.  After all the inspiration and rewrites, the back and forth to the editor; biting my nails awaiting reviews, and the longer than expected publishing journey… the book is finished.  Yes.  At last.

Check it out on Amazon.com/SuccessfulFosterCareAdoption 

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