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Barely 48 hours have passed since we first learned of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The steady unfolding details of the massacre of 6 adults and 20 little children has stunned the nation and ripped at our hearts and minds. On the heels of a mall shooting one week prior, we question another unspeakable attack.

Why do I have to instruct my nine and twelve year olds in the art of survival while they are at school? Like many of you, my mind seeks solutions to prevent this horror from happening. My daughters’ schools have buzz-in security systems and practice protocols to insure the safety of our children. Is the next step to install bulletproof doors and windows? Will our children now attend places meant for learning and discovery, locked in a fortress?

More Questions than Answers

What are the answers? What are the problems?
Is it time to ask the hard questions and take the hard actions in order to save our children and ourselves? Is it time to call for a moratorium of gun sales in the United States? Is it time to reinstate the Clinton ban on assault rifles, which have no place in our compromised society? When do we begin to address the issues of gun violence in America? While we hesitate to act decisively, 35 more people will die today.

Is it time to look long and hard at how we parent, or fail to parent well, that might have impact on these unspeakable and desperate crimes? When did we forget to remember that all children need love, safety and nurturing? Dr. Drew Pinski said it best: Our society and culture are sick.

We need to console one another as best we can, and search for answers amid our personal and national grief. Each one of us feels the bottomless depth of loss for these innocent adults and children.

We need to look at the causes that will lead to a cure. Is it time yet? Or, will we push away the terror we live with every day at the malls, schools, movie theaters, temples and churches of America and do nothing? Is this the way we agree to live from now on?