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Sweet Pickles
The wait is over! My new book is here!
Sweet Pickles, The Girl Who Would Not Speak
Written by Deborah A. Beasley
Illustrated by Roy L. Cook
Official pub date is June 9, 2014, but you will find it sooner on Amazon.com! Below is a preview of the little book already receiving big reviews!

“No one knows why Pickles will not speak. That is to say, she CAN speak, but mostly she doesn’t. Instead, she squeaks and squeals, she grunts and groans, and most of all, Pickles screams! She screams so much her family stuffs their ears with corks and fingers, cotton balls and ear muffs nearly every day! Until one day, her mom teaches Pickles how to sign, and everything begins to change!

Written with lighthearted humor and love, young readers follow Pickles and her family on their quest to find the answers to why the little girl will not speak. Sweet Pickles is a heartwarming story of a mother’s unfailing support for her daughter, and a little girl’s triumph to overcome her fears.”

“… a must-read for any parent who has a child with anxiety or social phobia. … a wonderful story that allows children to accept who they are and give parents’ permission to create a safe place for their child as they gain the skills of communication.
… a highly recommended tool for therapists, counselors, teachers, daycare providers, and all those working with children!” Dr. Stacy Haines, Ed.D., LPC, Executive Director, Little Hands Family Services