Happy Organized Child

Happy Organized Child

Last Thursday marked the ending of another successful 7 week intensive special needs training at The Academy for Coaching Parents International, and bridges the gap between theory and effective application of the strategies in the most difficult situations with disorganized and behavioral children.

“Love is not about waiting for the storm to pass;
It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

The certified training artfully designed by ACPI Coach Trainer Deborah Beasley, targets clinical, therapeutic and education professionals who desire to bring a successful relational model and coaching element into their work with special needs families and children with emotional and behavioral needs. Equally directed to parents, the information more than satisfies those seeking practical and successful strategies to guide and parent children through the incorporation of a therapeutic model and lifestyle. Many have studied the theory, yet this certified training assists to translate theory into practical application within the myriad of psychological, emotional, and developmental layers of each unique child and family.

This is about your place in the healing process. Our philosophy, our model, and neuroscience states, that change and efficacious healing is impossible without relational security. One nourishes and enriches the other. Learning how to create and nourish secure bonds with a dysregulated, behavioral, untrusting or fearful child, means meeting their needs on a much deeper level than how you are accustomed to treating, parenting, or thinking about troubled children.

Throughout this quality training, you learn to help your clients and their children, or your family and your child, increase internal regulation and external organization, and decrease unwanted behaviors through a system of compassionate, wise, and positive therapeutic support. You learn to share equally in their grief and sadness, as in the triumphs and joys. More than this, you learn to be part of the supportive structure for the special needs parent and child through many difficult periods of change and transition in their lives and lifestyles.

Not surprisingly, a loving environment and loving relationship in the face of pain and difficulty is a central theme throughout. Additionally, self-work to understand the origins of our pain and behavior, translates into a working experiential connection to our clients and their children. Understanding pain, rather than fearing it, helps us become empathetic and compassionate human beings, capable of structuring the healing and improvement of others.

While you work with vulnerable parents and children, keep in mind and in your heart, you have the obligation to teach that they can one-day dance even while it is raining. The irony is, when the parent can learn to dance, the child will often follow. The following information lists some of the titles and core content from the first three exciting weeks. you need to know to make the decision to join this next training!

Training Title: Behavior Regulation through Relationship
The Open Heart Model
Module Titles and Core Content
1. Coaching Parents and Children with Behavioral Needs
• Who are your clients
• Types of Coaching
• Stages of Change – quick introduction
• Coaching Resources
• Client Handouts
2. Six Guiding Principles of Behavior Regulation through Relationship
• The Open Heart Model of Systemic Developmental Regulation
• The Six Principles – explained
3. Risks and Causes of Behavioral Disorders
• eBook: The Core of Behavioral Energy – The Brain on Fire
• Developmental and Relational Trauma as causes of behavioral disorders and poor attachment patterns
• Attachment, Trauma, Stress and Fear as causes of emotional and psychological fragmentation
• Coaching Resources and Handouts
You Get:
Six E-books to enhance your Study
Case Studies- What Does It look Like Real Life?
The Eight Core Practices for Restoring Organization, Regulation, and Relationship
The Everyday Sensory Diet
Four Ways to Handle Problematic Behaviors
Demystifying Triggering Events
Adapting Home and School Environments to meet needs of Emotional, Hyperactive, and Behavioral Children

This live training via webinar and live mentoring, is available again later this year, 2015, in the fall. Contact Dr. Caron Goode at the Academy to reserve your spot!