This is a blog for TOGETHER AT LAST FAMILY SUPPORT and Certified Parenting Coach and author, Deborah A. Beasley ACPI CCPF.

OUR VISION: To strengthen, educate, and support the foundations of healthy parenting and family unity; creating healing through the neuroscience of relationship.

Posts will focus on a wide range of special needs parenting with emphasis on child mental health and behavioral issues. Posts address a variety of issues affecting parenting today. Topics include: general parenting, adoption, cross-cultural adoption, foster care, healthy bonding and attachment, solutions to high stress interactions, trauma and behavioral concerns, strengthening family connection and relationships, and communication skills among others. We welcome your related comments, discussions, and reflections on individual posts.

This parent information site is dedicated to providing all parents and caregivers with the most recent information and education in sound parenting through understanding and incorporation of emergent findings in brain research. Thus parents are better equipt to understand and more appropriately address their child’s physical, psychological, and emotional, and regulatory needs at every developmental stage.  With right education, foster, adoptive, and biological parents are empowered to be the best they can be and provide safe and supportive  environments to their children and families.


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