So,  you have questions about parenting?  That’s  normal.

This is not the time to become an ostrich.  Now is the time to get answers, solutions, suggestions, and new perspectives on the issue.  Find out what it is you need to move forward and take the road to parenting success with gusto!

Now is the time to ASK THE COACH!

24/7 Whenever you are in need, just ask.    Let my expertise work for you and your family.

Improve parent/child relationships.

Facilitate bonding and attachment.

Integrate the latest in brain research.

Parent with love/within child’s abilities.

Whole parent/whole child systems approach.

Adoptive and Special Needs concerns.

This is a free service…for a limited time!   Take advantage and ask away!  Your future is waiting for you to discover how to reach it, to bring your family together at last!


2 thoughts on “ASK THE COACH”

  1. Gina miller said:

    My husband and I adopted our daughter at birth six months ago. She has some acid reflux, but is hitting all of her developemental milestones. she has always been around the tenth percentile in weight and height. The pediatritian is not concerned, but we have had a difficult time feeding her since her second month. We are wondering if it is common for adoptive infants to express control over their feedings. It seems as if she is hungry, just wont eat. We are routinely concerned about dehydration, since she has seemed to develope a bottle aversion. The only time she wants to take a bottleis during her late and middle of the night feedings. We want to enjoy her, but do not look forward to her feedings. It has unfortunatly become a stressfull enviroment! Any info you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Dear Gina,
      First, Contratulations on your new addition! I wish you, your husband and daughter all the best.
      I hear your concern and see that you wrote at 4am. Just breathe mom, and stay in the present for now.
      Observation tells you that your baby is growing and meeting all her milestones ‘on time’. How is she otherwise? Is she a happy baby? Does she respond to your voice and interaction with smiles and excitement? Consider that growth percentile is general. What nationality is your daughter? Were her birth parents small of stature? These are all things to consider when looking at a child with seemingly low weight gain and growth. It is difficult for us as adoptive parents as we do not often have any comparison.
      It is true that some adopted children have various food issues, or may have issues with ‘control’. These issues may also show up very early. What makes you suspect this? Do I hear some other fear here? Are you concerned about her bonding and adjustment?
      Practically speaking: Her bottle aversion could be coming from her discomfort with the acid reflux. Is she taking any solid food? Perhaps a little cereal will comfort her stomach. Have you tried to offer her a sippy cup? It is not unheard of even for six-nine month olds to begin to transfer over to a cup. I recommend always checking with your pediatritian. See how she progresses. You are an aware parent and if your gut tells you there is really something amiss then pursue it. You da mom!

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