5 thoughts on “EVENTS CALENDAR”

  1. Jean Sigfried said:

    Your ad caught my eye…my eldest daughter (30 this December) was diagnosed as borderline personality disorder last year. She had a childhood trauma which caused agoraphobia and ocd at the age of 3 for which she was treated by a local psychologist who warned of future ramifications. I suspect from the little info in your ad that your course may have made a significant change in her development of bpd and I wonder if you have had any experience with it or might direct me to a more proactive role in her treatment now…talk about “acting out” etc—if your parents/students think it is bad for kids to be doing, think how it is when your “kid” is 30 and STILL doing it…..may I look thru your workbook/text to see if I might gain from reading it? I am currently housebound with Lupus and back injuries disabling me from travel or extended class situations. I would be interested in purchasing the class materials though if they look helpful for me now(she has a daughter age 8 who is virtually living with me due to her mother’s unstable behavior recently, and THERE is a whole new cycle I am trying to correct/avoid/ shape in a more positive fashion). If you know of other sources that may help, please let me know too. I appreciate your time and attention.

    • Dear Jean,
      Thank you for your note. I understand exactly what you are talking about with your daughter and granddaughter. I fully beleive the new understanding based in brain development would have helped your daughter. There is well known documentation linking OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and RAd to trauma. In fact 95% of persons with BP have suffered some trauma in there life.

      My own daughter now 10 once had seven different diagnosis. We have seen them slowly fade away. She still needs assistance in several areas but that is minimal. My personal experience searching for answers for her is what prompted me into the profession of Parent Coaching. This information has saved our family.

      I am sorry you are house bound and I understand your situation. For your consideration and ease: I have given this course privately to parents in similar situations. I use a dedicated teleconference line, and forward the materials for each class via email. Of course you could just read the book, but the course material goes beyond the book to supporting the implementation of the information in your situation. The concepts in the course are easy to understand, but can be very challenging to put into practice without some supportive structure.

      Do you have any specific questions on the content of the course?

      Thanks for yuor inquiry. Stay strong mom.
      Warmly, Deb

      Would you be interested in participating in a tele-course.

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